In The Presence of Prometheans EP

by Louder Than Quiet

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released September 17, 2013

Mixed and Mastered By Dan Jones of Chelsea Grin



all rights reserved


Louder Than Quiet Upper Marlboro, Maryland

We are a 5 piece metal band from Upper Marlboro, MD.

"Live to the fullest until you stop breathing, then wreak havoc in the afterlife"


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Track Name: An Effortless Twilight (ft. Adam Cody of Wretched)

the patterns have been set into play
underestimated and over thought
this life is in a complex state
finally at its climax just ready to explode
stimulated by the worst of charcters
abused and left to suffer
cause of matters she could, not control
outnumbered by those who supposedly
have a righter way
who preach in the name of their holy
expressing more hate than the ones
they, say to fear
her face battered
her life destroyed
by those who she held dear
And was betrayed by the delusioned

the pain is unbearable
a cure is so desired
a witch burning of the innocent
this fire will never expire


she wont let go!
she wont let go

-verse 2-
the war machine known as society
a deadly arsenal of hate
they parade us to tombs
boats and birds for the journeys of the dead

-Adam cody-
life is now a time memorialized
in stone
even swift sails and forbidden fish
couldnt bring her back
the harsh life of a free thinker
considered the devils horde
the thought process looked down upon
Because it lacks the weak minded
the message in stones
centuries of decline
a long search for a forgotten
An Ailment of the mind

the pain is unbearable
a cure is so desired
a witch burning of the innocent
this fire will never expire

the beast is a dead king
a deathless faith in a dying state
The beast is a dead king
this tremendous corruption morgue
Track Name: Come To The Darkside... We Have Cookies
we plague the seas
with countless wars
so now i breed
with straggling whores
inside my damnation
i'm craving more
the score inconclusive
i shall burn the shores
a vikings tale
so slaughter we shall
in the name of odin
my father of war
worship me!
where there is worship
there is only death
so prepare for thy wrath
and inhale thy shaft

we conquer and take
what we need
our victims blood
will stain the seas
now open your eyes
meet your demons
your village burned
whores filled with semen

obey father ,respect father
embrace father ,fear father